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Leadership (3)

Leslie Alperin


Sandy Svoboda


Sarah Wood




P.O. Box 4161
Chapel Hill, NC 27515



Subject Area:

Arts, Culture and Humanities

Piedmont Youth Orchestra

The ensembles of the Piedmont Youth Orchestra are comprised of young musicians of mixed age who share a love of music and an enthusiasm for learning through musical cooperation. They rehearse and perform throughout the school year.
The Piedmont Junior Orchestra is an ensemble of string players in elementary and middle school. Repertoire is varied, with an empha-sis on musical quality and appeal, and interesting parts for all sections.
The Piedmont Chamber Ensemble is an auditioned group of middle- and high-school strings players who are committed to developing their musical skills and responsibility through serious work. Independence, cooperation, and an appreciation of music are
The Piedmont Wind Ensemble is a small group of woodwind and brass players in middle and high school. We play music that is mostly classical with a little jazz included.

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