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Dennis Parnell, MSW, LCSW, LCAS, CCS

President, CEO

Chris Budnick, MSW, LCSW, LCAS, CCS

Vice President, Programs

Melissa Mizelle, MSW, M.ED, CRC

Director, Specialized Services

Barrett Joyner

Director, Development

Lisa M. Rousseau

Assistant Director, Development, Director, Volunteer Programs

Chris Cheek

In-Kind Donation Coordinator

Michael Painter

Board Chair

Curt C. Brewer, IV

Board , Vice Chair



1251 Goode Street
Raleigh, NC 27603


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Health and Human Services

The Healing Place of Wake County

The Healing Place of Wake County

Facts at Glance
To date 470,464 beds of shelter provided, 229,220 meals were served in 2007

The Healing Place of Wake County is a non-profit rescue, recovery and rehabilitation homeless shelter for men and women with drug and alcohol addiction.We are the only Wet Shelter in Wake County and our success rate is 68% sober one year after graduating from the program.

"Helping People Find Their Way Back"

This is program not for those who need it, but for those who want it enough to be willing to follow suggestions and do the work necessary to get and stay sober. We are designed to provide a person with everything that they need in order to get sober which includes the basics; food, shelter and clothing. As well as the essentials; time and support to get established in recovery. We will match your investment into the program. If you do a little, we'll do a little. If you do a lot, we'll do a lot. We also believe that it takes as many times as it takes and therefore we will always allow you to work your way back into the program.

The Healing Place is broken down into separate stages and each part of the program addresses certain needs and accomplishes specific goals:
Overnight Emergency Shelter: you will receive, food, clothing, shelter with no commitment and provided one night at a time and beds are not guaranteed. Non-Medical Detox (Sobering Up Center); provides non-medical detoxification for any man or woman who is homeless and is actively using, has recently stopped using or is experiencing withdrawal symptoms due to recently stopping. Movtivational Track (Off The Street I & II); this is the first stage of the program and in this stage we are looking for the person who is willing to go to any lengths to get sober. Your bed is guaranteed and you have a place to keep your belongings in exchange for attending Recovery Dynamics group sessions 1-4 (Step One). Recovery Program (Phase I) in this stage you are working the 12-Steps by attending the remaining Recovery Dynamics group sessions, 5-28 which covers Step Two through Step Twelve.Transitional Program (Phase II) this stage of the program is where you learn with the assistance from the staff to maintain your recovery as you begin to find employment, save money and prepare to move out. Alumni Status (Silver Chip); clients enter Silver Chip alumni status and enjoy the benefits of life-long support and the opportunity to return to teach classes and to work with the new men and women in the program.

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